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P.01 – Socks’ brand.02 | The Brand – Case Study

Previously: The Design Problem

This is a series of posts of Case Studies on process and product of different projects. To read more of these, check Case Studies. Project.01 focus on a socks’ brand.

The Brand

Portuguese knitted socks brand for grown-ups and kids, with a humorous intake on the message, bringing something simple as a pair of socks into the daily life of its users’ imaginaries.

This segment of the brand, the main segment, is directed to grown-ups, male and female, who find themselves in the age range of 35-45 years old, and have been teenagers on the 80’s and 90’s. This is important, in the beginning of the operation, due to the 80’s and 90’s pop culture references that will play a major role in the references and imaginary of the brand collection.

The Kids segment, called “MEIA BALEIA” (half of a whale), is using an intentional rhyme and nonsensical visual imagery, and intends to start a project of storytelling, in which the impossible mixes with the possible, and the imagination runs loose. The motifs of the children’s collection socks are meant to be playful, imaginative, colourful and nonsensical.

Positioning and Segmentation

I wanted to bring this saying – “Por tuta e meia” – into the brandscape, without bringing depreciative meanings to the brand naming. This saying is not used by the younger generation, but, poetically, it resonates with the now adult generation that have had children, and graphically, would imply the use of a mathematical fraction, while it could be said in both fraction and long form (1/2 or meia), that would call the attention to both the kids in primary school and to children, in general, both with a word rhyme and a graphic element that would appeal to their imaginaries.

Product Range

The available socks’ types at TUTA & ½  are:

  • Invisible sock – male/female | Adults
  • Quarter sock – male/female | Adults + Kids *
  • Crew sock – male/female | Adults + Kids *
  • Over the calf sock – male/female | Adults + Kids
  • Knee high sock – male/female | Adults + Kids *
  • Thigh high sock – female | Adults* Special edition


The product range focus on 3 sizes per segment, focusing on the most common foot size in Europe, for both adults and kids.

TUTA & ½ (Adults): 35-38; 39-42; 43-48| Meia Baleia (Kids): 24-26; 28-31; 32-35

The sizing for Meia Baleia includes kids from 2 years up, due to its focus on short socks and the interactive funny elements, which imply that kids are able to recognize and interact with objects and graphics.

Price Range

TUTA & ½ : Socks’ prices start from 8,50€ up, depending on the composition and colours used.

Meia Baleia: Socks’ prices start from 6,50€ up, depending on the composition and colors used.

Composition of products

Considering the two markets, the chosen materials for adult products are cotton, polyamide and elastane, while the kids segment might have a bigger percentage of cotton and elastane, to improve both comfort and elasticity.

Ex Adults: 86% Cotton, 12% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Product Customization

In * products, customization can take place, for limited edition collections. Customization may include a change on the combo of color and graphic on each pair of socks, for a 3 pairs minimum order.

Tailor Made

In a later iteration of the brand, tailor made small collections could be produced. The price for pair of socks would increase according to exclusivity, color-usage, selection of yarns, reinforcement of toe and heel, and other special services. They would be at least 20% more expensive than the regular socks provided by TUTA & ½ to the general public, and the order would be taken starting from 5 pairs per size, in a minimum 25 pairs per order.

This would mean that each MEIA BALEIA pair of socks would be sold by 7,80€ and each TUTA & ½ pair of socks would be sold by 10,20€. Minimum gain on this transaction of 25 pairs would be 195,00€ for MEIA BALEIA socks, and 255,00€ for TUTA & ½ socks. For orders above 50 pairs, a discount may be applied.

Coming up: The Product

Why am I doing this? I am someone who loves a motivational challenge, and while I love to tackle other people’s challenges, I wanted to come up with a different set of rules for a challenge of my own in my fields of professional action, so I can learn with the process too. To check my professional scope areas, check ABOUT.

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