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P.01 – Socks’ brand.03 | The Product – Case Study

Previously: The Brand

This is a series of posts of Case Studies on process and product of different projects. To read more of these, check Case Studies. Project.01 focus on a socks’ brand.

The Product

Besides being an accessory, socks are also a fundamental item of the wardrobe, especially in some parts of the world. Several types of socks are bought and worn, depending on the social occasion, weather and personal preferences.

On defining our brand’s product, we must consider the socks’ types it will be making available to the public, taking the opportunity to add another layer of culture and element of fun in its naming. To match the purchasing audience, the names of the socks’ types relate to 80’s and 90’s references, both from television and movies, but also about urban culture and myths.


Socks heights from Noshow to Thigh High, which names are inspired in culture characters and references.

Overall, the product made available to the market focus on 5 models – from ACHILLÉUS to LÅNGSTRUMP -, holding a 95% of the investment and production, while BAGGINS and D’ARTAGNAN are still available in a reduced number, especially due to the “invisibility” of the brand on the first, and the difficult market acquisition of the latter.

Considering the available market for each of the socks’ types, both BAGGINS and D’ARTAGNAN cover a smaller amount of potential clientes, making it a low priority product.

  • BAGGINS – male/female | Adults
  • ACHILLÉUS – male/female | Adults + Kids *
  • CHUCK – male/female | Adults + Kids *
  • MARTENS – male/female | Adults + Kids
  • NAPOLÉON – male/female | Adults + Kids *
  • D’ARTAGNAN – female | Adults* Special edition


Socks sizes for each segment and sub-brand range.

The sizing for Meia Baleia includes kids from 2 years up (from 24 up), due to its focus on short socks – especially in the summer – and the interactive funny elements, which imply that kids are able to recognize and interact with objects and graphics.

Season releases

It should be expected to release a bi-annual main season collection and additionally special editions releases throughout the year.

Each main release has a defined theme, such as any other fashion collection, which models could be re-edited again in the following season, probably changing colours and fibres, to make it more suitable for the season. Each season has 6 main patterns/graphics, correlating to the meaning of the brand’s name, varying in colour schemes, combinations and graphic sizing.

Coming up: The Collection Inspiration

Why am I doing this? I am someone who loves a motivational challenge, and while I love to tackle other people’s challenges, I wanted to come up with a different set of rules for a challenge of my own in my fields of professional action, so I can learn with the process too. To check my professional scope areas, check ABOUT.

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