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Buying a train ticket | User Journey

Some weeks ago, I re-started studying User Experience design, as I’m a graduated Multimedia Communication Designer. These skills I acquired in the University, along being embedded in the core of User Interface Design, help me to transcend UI design in itself, applying its features into a new realm.

In Portugal, Service Design is quietly widespread in the Academia and Civil Society, namely in Public Organisms, in both Porto and Lisboa, but there’s still a long way to go, specifically on the services’ experience from users.

In this particular case, as Service Design is not my field, I applied the same kind of methods, named User Journeys to understand how both the online and offline experience- even if aided by the train ticket app – were approached in a superficial manner.

This was just an exercise to tackle the eventual problems it might induce to but works as a train of thought for future projects to come.

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