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P.02 – MOSS & Co. The Brand – Case Study

This is a series of posts of Case Studies on process and product of different projects. To read more of these, check Case Studies. Project.02 focus on a loungewear’ brand.

The Brand

MOSS & CO. is a loungewear brand, based on the principles of comfort, natural materials and versatility.

Its inspiration comes from natural patterns and colours, such as moss, and intends to serve both the female and male consumers on providing casual and breathable loungewear to enjoy living indoors.

Its only material is cottonhence the CO. – harvested from sustainable plantations, and the brand aims to improve the awareness of the importance of sustainable consumption and the use of natural fibres, along with its benefits for the human health and the planet.

It is dyed with only natural pigments, and focus on durability, comfort and part of an integrated circular economy.

Brand Ambient

The brand ambient is an emotional and/or physical set of references that characterize where the brand products are set to exist, into the environment of the ideal customer.

The moodboard features a mood of casual, relaxed, modern interior design ambient in which the MOSS & CO brand and customer are set to get
inspiration and where, ideally, the target client moves.

Target Market

MOSS & CO. is an adult loungewear brand, directed at nordic costumers, focused on minimalistic, comfortable and quality products to use indoors, with no specific difference between the nightwear and the casualwear inside the home.

They are 30+, female and male customers with high acquisitive power, that value good quality fabrics, and opt for natural quality fibres. Look for the comfortable touch and feel in loungewear, and are relaxed, cool individuals that aim to wear curated, well-thought about and edgy clothing.

Coming up: The Logo and Identity

Why am I doing this? I am someone who loves a motivational challenge, and while I love to tackle other people’s challenges, I wanted to come up with a different set of rules for a challenge of my own in my fields of professional action, so I can learn with the process too. To check my professional scope areas, check ABOUT.

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